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Hi, I'm not me! :)

~ "In a world where you can be anything, be kind." ~

~ "Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control." ~

starbird1002 United Kingdom CURSE YOU MANU, THE SOLE REASON WHY MY MORDRED WR IS 28% 3198
Besjbo United Nations

Goodhart's Law dictates that there exists no optimal bio

Maximovic96 Germany 3790
anders Norway 4995
ManuAvalon United Nations 1451
d8nitemike United Nations 579


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Armthur Iran, Islamic Republic of

 You come at the king, you best not miss.

J0nY Bulgaria 4876
Ba3henov United States

Discord: Ba3henov#9002

Free avatars!

Bassem Egypt

If you have a problem with me flaming you then stop playing with me, it's as simple as that :)

imbapingu United Nations

My name is Maximus Imbaus Pingerus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. 
Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next. @pingu#0623

damon United States 3546
morgenstern Russian Federation Be humble 3346
benjk Norway Bow club is awesome; you get to have a cute bow, meet all kinds of lovely people, and if you are lucky like Pam and I, you even get a nice personality to boot. Highly recommend! benjk#8685 on discord if you need to reach me or just wanna say hi! 3305
meir United States

The law states: “A chicken found within fifty cubits of a coop belongs to the owner of the coop; a chicken found farther away belongs to the finder.” Rabbi Jeremiah asked: "If one leg of the chicken is within fifty cubits and one is outside of fifty, what is the law?”

For this, Rabbi Jeremiah was thrown out of the study hall.

— Bava Batra 23b

sb United Nations

Shoot, cry, go next !!!

theharshone Niue

[13:36] XiaoWeiXiao: harsh is very merliny

[15:24] FruitQueen: harsh is mvp

[23:32] pam: idk why everyone loves harsh

[13:16] baddummy: i gmed harsh

[13:16] baddummy: good luck

darkpsyduck United Nations

just give me percy

CITC Finland

I am permanently retiring from playing Avalon. If I try to rejoin, please don't let me. This game and this community are both unhealthy for me on so many levels and even though I love so many people here and I love playing the game itself, I can't keep putting myself through this. The more I play since rejoining, the more I keep finding myself turning back into who I used to be - someone I'm deeply ashamed of being. I made so much progress on myself to a point where I was finally somewhat happy being the person that I am over my 9 month hiatus, and returning has only prompted a relapse of embodying this negativity that I have tirelessly tried to strip myself from. 

Please forgive me if I've hurt you in some way, because I'm struggling to forgive myself too.

My discord is CITC#6760 if you want to talk some time. I'd love to hear from you. Take care.

maria United Nations

My Name isn't actually Maria. I am resident potato warrior queen of this site.

Muse: "Her Royal Amazingness, Resser of Res, Spier of Spies, Head of the Loyal Hufflepoofs and Ruler of All That Is Cute, the one and only [maria]"

LIL CAN GET REKT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!!!

(thanks for the doodle though :D)

Biew Thailand

How to know who is res?     

Truth or Dare 

zuzusangry United States Minor Outlying Islands My name is also not Maria.
AveHunter United States Minor Outlying Islands

Name: Percival 

Father: Merlin

Parents age: Deceased

Hot New Wife: Morgana

RadiantCowbells Canada 2101
Yules Palestinian Territory, Occupied 2101
rio Indonesia

I just want to play. Give me a game pleaseee...

jiop United Nations 2039
Crouton United Nations

head of bread, heart of gold

Strahd United Kingdom

Offapp 2.3 in my honour.

chaos22 India


acro, Armthur, Aster, ba3henov, bb, CITC, damon, IonGrey, J0nY, meir, morgenstern,, NyanCat, ognjen05, ProNub Scaff, Strahd, Tyrrox, zuzusangry.

All of you are wonderful, incredible people and it's been a pleasure to meet and know every single one of you.

Special thanks to user jack for making my Link avatar <3.

I can't tell you how much you guys mean to me without being mega cringe about it.

Good luck to all of you. Take care, (except you J0nY you're the human equivalent of an anthropomorphic toilet plunger)

Lots of Love,


~Playing since June 21 2018
Banned on 29th December 2020 for 4 months bc irl. :( cya guys soon <3

enokii Singapore

Hi :)

Typrix United Nations 1825
putler United Nations 1802
sophtoph United Nations

[21:55] Tyrrox: I dont like soph's play as a vt play

[21:55] Tyrrox: its just too happy

Hi friends, I’m a happy vt!

Stromblessed Netherlands 1671
chickenn United Nations 1622
NyanCat United States

Great Quotes for Avalon & for Life

  1. "Be humble"

  2. "If u kno u kno"

  3. “We live in a society”


  5. "Even wrong info is better than no info"

  6. "Stand for something or you'll fall for anything"

  7. "One can give advice comfortably from a safe port"

  8. "It is very important in life to know when your cue comes"

  9. “It is not about the things you do, but the things you follow”

  10. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"

  11. "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

  12. “To live—is not that just endeavouring to be otherwise than this Nature? Is not living valuing, preferring, being unjust, being limited, endeavouring to be different?

  13. "If I shut him up too soon—even though I might be convinced he was the man, I should very likely be depriving myself of the means of getting further evidence against him. And how? By giving him, so to speak, a definite position, I shall put him out of suspense and set his mind at rest, so that he will retreat into his shell.”

  14. "What's the use of formality? In many cases it's nonsense. Sometimes one has a friendly chat and gets a good deal more out of it. One can always fall back on formality, allow me to assure you. And after all, what does it amount to? An examining lawyer cannot be bounded by formality at every step. The work of investigation is, so to speak, a free art in its own way, he-he-he!"

  15. “It was the most maddening thing about the piggies. Whenever they had something outrageous to say, they always blamed it on some dead piggy who couldn’t possibly have said it. No doubt there was some religious ritual involved: go to their totem tree, ask a leading question, and lie there contemplating the leaves or the bark or something until you get exactly the answer you want.”


  1. Morgenstern

  2. Sidewalkill

  3. Joker

  4. Me

  5. Me

  6. Unknown

  7. Friedrich Schiller

  8. Søren Kierkegaard

  9. Me

  10. Edmund Burke & John Stuart Mill (applied by Maddie)

  11. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  12. Friedrich Nietzsche (applied by Comp1ex)

  13. Fyodor Dostoevsky

  14. Fyodor Dostoevsky

  15. Orson Scott Card (applied by Meir)

pingy Sweden

How to play Merlin:

[07:50] anonymouse255: I auto res pingy for being nice to me :D [07:50] anonymouse255: i don't care if he's a spy or not :)

  1. [21:31] NeWkham: I automatically ress pingy again


  1. [18:10] Yhromed T1: we can either keep shooting pingy to eventually decrease his merlin wr, or use our brain
  2. [03:54] TownOfCamelot: pingu iq is huge
  3. [18:37] helloperson: m1 +Third? [18:38] Third: no hello, i am gonna go hard on you since you took pingu's attention from me
  4. [13:54] DiseasedDonkey: whos the most wholesome active user then [13:55] Lillyneth: id say pingu

BigDigDev United Nations 1595
remy Antarctica


Meymage United States

Magnificent Me - Ultimate Gamer, Chess Player, Writer, and aspiring Magician

Mark Briggs (Greatmax) Yes, JOnY I am a pretty competent gamer.  AKA Awesome.

He prefers to play DLTK because the normal ranks have been played immensely by other speed runners.  He prefers positional play over the risky tactical skirmishes of the normal ranks.  Hardcore gamer seeking challenges in life.
Attributes: His abilities are best reflected outside of the Goldeneye 64 blitz format.  Primarily used control style 1.1 with auto-aim off.  GE Mission Status: Top American Dark_LTK Champion and runner up.  14 proven Levels by October 31, 2008.  Completed all 20 levels of the LTK league.  PP7 Specialist on the 00 Agent level.  Completed single segment runs of agent, secret agent, and double agent.
Multiplayer status: He has won every GE multiplayer game since the games inception except for several games.  He played hundreds of games of Goldeneye 64 Multiplayer from normal to flag tag.  He overwhelmingly wins in free for all up to four players.  Mostly takes 1v1, 2v1, and 3v1 by storm.  First to 20 points in normal mode where my opponents might have 8, 5, and 3 points totaling 16..  Hosted tournaments playing other players afterward.  Typical awards he has received are Most Professional and Most Deadly for multiplayer.  Great Perfect Dark multiplayer experience.
Magic Status: An all-around gamer known as Magi Master at many Magic the Gathering shops using unorthodox ideas like mono-red defense and counterspell-less blue.  He participated in numerous magic tournaments placing 2nd or 1st in many of them in a variety of formats.  His preference is the legacy format using non-net, non cookie-cuttish decks.  A great drafter and Sealed Deck gamer he has Pro potential.
Captain of his High School Chess team three of his four years resulting in the (Mark era) suffering only three losses out of 45 games against strong opposition.  The only one in his High School’s history during his freshman year to achieve a perfect 10-0 against his opponents from 10 other high schools.  Vice President of Chess Club in college.  Has invented spectacular Chess puzzles, plays tight Chess games, and teaches Chess to people for money.
Mastered FFVI beating the game at level 19 (low level clear) and maxed the natural game at level 99 with all spells, equipment, and abilities.  Dido with Final Fantasy Tactics.
After beating Sim City, completed favorite building game of Civilization II on Emperor level with a rating of 9560 (956%).  It's over 9000!
Excellent at Super Smash Brothers series by being the best in his group in all versions N64, Melee, Brawl, WiiU, and others.  Mains Shiek with Marth secondary in Melee.  Has mastered the other characters in Melee.  Avid DnD player of forth edition.  Invoker, Storm War Priest, Warlord, Wizard, and Cleric are his primary uses.  Has used other characters too.
At board games he conquers Risk, an expert Scrabble player, Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Social Deduction games, and excellent in 2006 by placing 6th in Washington’s State Chess Open.
On April 08, 2008, Mark announced retirement from the game GE 007 to focus on Perfect Dark making an epic return in the License to Kill league.  Has climbed well into the top 30 right now.  Owns two games of The Resistance: Avalon - Played all variations leading to an understanding making it interesting on either side.  
Recap of first update of Goldeneye Rankings:
Best known record.
Blitz category (Speed Normal): 116th in overall time.
Knowledge category (Stealth DLTK): 2nd in overall level completions.
Multiplayer (Strength): Advanced - In public play scores 20 points before other three opponents total that most of the time.  4v4 Free for All.  Sight on, Auto Aim off.  Proficient in everything from slappers to power weapons.  Knowledge of all maps and equipment.

Perfect Dark Rankings: Best - Agent, Secret Agent, Perfect Agent / DLTK and LTK 

Overall Combined Time: 3:11:31 (220th)

Overall Combined Points: 0 points (300th)

Overall Combined Time: 1:22:24 (32) (34th)

Overall Combined Points: 636 points (37th)

Max's Places: User = Tawnos (Active) User = Clearchesser (Inactive) = Clearchesser (Active)
My study:
Facebook User = Mark Briggs
Retirement: Completed the LTK league with Streets and became 112th in overall normal time.
F.K.A. Maxout and TheGameMaster
Location: Washington State U.S.A
Recruited: April 3, 2008 to the normal ranks at 116th.
From Youtube:  Almighty Man
Correct Strategist, Super Spy, Ultimate Gamer, and Almighty Man
Primarily older school and tabletop.  My focus of gaming involves Chess, Magic the Gathering, Mario I-III, World, Mega Man, Link I-III, Goldeneye 64, Goldeneye 64 Wii, Perfect Dark, TWINE, Tomorrow Never Dies, Mario Kart, MK Wii, Sim City, MK Double Dash, Final Fantasy IV-IX, Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle, Ogre Battle 64, Civilization, Civilization II, Super Smash Brothers, SSBM, SSBB, WiiU, Dokupon Kingdom, Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, Tales of Symphonia, and The Resistance: Avalon.
Uploaded videos of selected games only.  Everything done without emulating, cheating, and/or hacking.
Author at  Pen name: M. Briggs
Ogre Battle SNES Master - The March of the Black Queen - Lord Mark HP 999/999 STR AGI INT 255 / CHA ALI LUK 100 - 3 Slash/1 Iniankai - Ogre Plate.
98/100 Elite Army boosted by Merchant Ticket.  I beat the game getting the World Ending.  100/100 points won.
My profile link below.

Currently playing SSBM, GE 64, and PD for fun at local gaming store.

seren Hong Kong dipity
NewKham New Zealand 1505
Hades United States Minor Outlying Islands #freebaby 1470
x United Nations 1463
Bremen United Nations

You're probably wondering to yourself

How the FUCK does Bremen have a 50% win rating at spy?

Literally i'm ass lol

pat Poland

🥇 Legend Ice Dragon

lampage Malaysia 1432
bmucciaccia Brazil

Helliuuu! Wait, bruh moment here

fairyboots Australia

I used to play Among Us, but since all the Res players started playing I had to stop.

Merliner United Nations

"Fight! You must fight! If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don't fight, you can't win!"

Hammy United Nations 1381
Mysticsquire United States 1363
Myhero Canada

Plays chess, go, league of legends, epic7. Usually more free on weekends

tofy United Nations


Thiercy France 1335
n00bButReadGuide United States

Gold AND Silver rules

Happymeal United Nations 1281
xpc United Nations 1252
anonymouse255 Australia

Sometimme in January


skies United Nations
promanos United Nations

j0ny should be permabanned someday

hakha3 Hakha's Islands Why are you stalking me? 1195
muse United States Minor Outlying Islands

It is always cruel to laugh at people, of course, although sometimes if they are wearing an ugly hat it is hard to control yourself.

slogival United Kingdom I read the entire guide, and I'm still bad :( 1171
Yhromed United Nations 1143
problematic Korea, Democratic People's Republic of


seraa United Nations 1072
discountBremen United Nations

My assassin winrate finally is above 50%. What a chad.

Known cowards:

Known excowards:

Known noncowards:

Escher United Nations

Stop adding Lovers to games!

MVP List (Based on recent games):

theharshone, pro 5p percy

Starbird, became a god in all roles

Eternal MVPS:

Dev. Best Assassin (when playing as VT)

Buncha, Can spy clean all game and still get shot

slimesznz United Nations 1053
Debzzzz United Nations 1047
della United Nations 1030
Westley United States 1026
kastis1213 Lithuania

[21:22] newman: kastis is not merlin

[21:22] newman: they do that as any role lol

After I offapp clean m2 repick at 4.1 as merlin

bb Cuba

am bb

BowieZ Australia 967
rzni United States 960
Tyrrox United Kingdom

Tyrrox#0001 | 21 | Alarmingly British | If I'm talking to you I'm getting info from you.

1CE1 Australia 952
FreakNastY United Nations 951
Merlinovic United Nations 938
sushiconduit United Nations 934
Bassassin Egypt 924
Comp1ex United States

You desire to LIVE "according to Nature"? Oh, you noble Stoics, what fraud of words! Imagine to yourselves a being like Nature, boundlessly extravagant, boundlessly indifferent, without purpose or consideration, without pity or justice, at once fruitful and barren and uncertain: imagine to yourselves INDIFFERENCE as a power—how COULD you live in accordance with such indifference? To live—is not that just endeavouring to be otherwise than this Nature? Is not living valuing, preferring, being unjust, being limited, endeavouring to be different? And granted that your imperative, "living according to Nature," means actually the same as "living according to life"—how could you do DIFFERENTLY? Why should you make a principle out of what you yourselves are, and must be? In reality, however, it is quite otherwise with you: while you pretend to read with rapture the canon of your law in Nature, you want something quite the contrary, you extraordinary stage-players and self-deluders! In your pride you wish to dictate your morals and ideals to Nature, to Nature herself, and to incorporate them therein; you insist that it shall be Nature "according to the Stoa," and would like everything to be made after your own image, as a vast, eternal glorification and generalism of Stoicism! With all your love for truth, you have forced yourselves so long, so persistently, and with such hypnotic rigidity to see Nature FALSELY, that is to say, Stoically, that you are no longer able to see it otherwise—and to crown all, some unfathomable superciliousness gives you the Bedlamite hope that BECAUSE you are able to tyrannize over yourselves—Stoicism is self-tyranny—Nature will also allow herself to be tyrannized over: is not the Stoic a PART of Nature?... But this is an old and everlasting story: what happened in old times with the Stoics still happens today, as soon as ever a philosophy begins to believe in itself. It always creates the world in its own image; it cannot do otherwise; philosophy is this tyrannical impulse itself, the most spiritual Will to Power, the will to "creation of the world," the will to the causa prima.

sidewalkill United Nations


pm me at side#3261

Naizea Denmark

The better part of J0zY

Kilamonjaro United Nations 875
shabby United Nations 875
Garrison United Kingdom 851
freshererer Palestinian Territory, Occupied

this site has a bunch of racists on it dont bother playing here

keleco United Nations

There is no such thing as a misclick!

kt United Nations 841
No3 United Nations 840
gip United Nations

my name backwards is pig haha

nolavaorp United Nations

If you want to know what my name stands for read it backwards

Coxinha United Nations 829
Prashant Fiji


stern United Nations

Worship, play

vegansoda Hong Kong

contains bubbles.

Keeling United Nations 816
razrez Israel

when I'm merlin:

[18:36] rotem123456: consider raz

[18:36] rotem123456: for a sec

[18:36] rotem123456: look at

[18:37] rotem123456: nahhh

[18:38] The assassin has shot jiop! jiop was not merlin, razrez was!

[18:38] The resistance wins!

when I'm percival to DarkMerlin:

[15:49] Bonefish: Dark isn't merlin

[15:50] rotem123456: right

[15:55] The assassin has shot razrez! razrez was not merlin, DarkMerlin was!

[15:55] The resistance wins!

somebody United Nations 795
slightly Canada
If you even consider me as bad ill morg you.

lauren United Nations
  1. [14:55] Xzoo: a buh-buh-buh de hhuh nuh huh

  2. [14:56] jonah: buh buh

Jamieee United Nations 763
arogame123 United Nations 757
elfhat United Nations 753
trickyputty New Zealand

If you lick me during M1's I will onpick you as hammer

Ansh United Nations 750
exmag United States Minor Outlying Islands

am maggie#3453 on discord <3

DrPercival United Nations 740
Thedaniwoman Hong Kong

[15:35] ahkj: that's because you pick flanders and harsh so i thought by picking flanders and harsh, I am ressing you :/

make senses
Why I quit res? I don know how to play res with illogical people. 

Magni Canada

This is all so fascinating.

Faico Iran, Islamic Republic of All hail King Xerxes 706
lightamulet United States

yes, I offapped dirty. sue me.

Nikolaj United States Minor Outlying Islands


TikiTorch3 United States 697
Jolt United States 692
Voltaic United Nations 689
DuckIsRes United Nations 682
InEdibleCake Canada

happy birthday

xKoa United Nations 678
Kesta South Africa 678
yaj United Nations 676
FeelsRiddle South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 675
unclebryce United Nations

[23:55] DrPercival: i never go back on my picks

pingu United Nations
  1. [13:54] DiseasedDonkey: whos the most wholesome active user then
  2. [13:55] Lillyneth: id say pingu

  3. [18:37] helloperson: m1 +Third?
  4. [18:38] Third: no hello, i am gonna go hard on you since you took pingu's attention from me
Parav United Nations 674
Rishisakariya India 672
BLGsabo Belgium

shoot the lovers, I DARE YOU

bobjones United Nations

[21:32] Mission 1 failed with 2 fails.

[16:00] Mission 5 failed with 3 fails.

[16:00] The spies win!

  1. [23:28] Mission 3 failed with 3 fails.
  2. [23:28] The spies win!

  1. [21:02] bobjones: wait hades onrejjs 3.2
  2. [21:02] bobjones: aight fuckit im shooting pam
  3. [21:02] The assassin has shot pam! pam was not merlin, Hades was!

  1. [16:28] Mission 4 failed with 3 fails.
  2. [16:28] The spies win!

  1. [23:55] bobjones: fuckit
  2. [23:55] bobjones: 50/50
  3. [23:55] The assassin has shot AmuseD! They were correct!
  4. [23:55] The spies win!

  1. [13:00] bobjones: would third do 2.4 as merlin
  2. [13:00] bobjones: fuckit i hate long assassination talks
  3. [13:00] The assassin has shot Third! They were correct!

  1. [14:30] skimisgod: i know how I just don't know who to choose
  2. [14:30] bobjones: eh just shoot jen for fun
  3. [14:30] The assassin has shot ognjen05! They were correct!
  4. [14:30] The spies win!

  1. [17:44] Armthur: Shoot bob yeah
  2. [17:44] Armthur: Sounds like a plan
  3. [17:44] RadiantCowbells: i'd shoot bob here
  4. [17:45] bobjones: i would shoot bob here
  5. [17:45] playerzzz: so bob is never merlin
  6. [17:45] The assassin has shot RadiantCowbells! RadiantCowbells was not merlin, bobjones was!
  7. [17:45] The resistance wins!
  1. [20:16] J0nY: bobjones is so weird
Severus United Nations 669
krAzykAzi United States 657
Joz United Nations 647
Third Ukraine 644
Samarth United Nations 643
SundaeLundae United Nations 640
nero Isle of Man

ZenBlade United Nations 629
z1bban Sweden 626
NotFat United Nations 625
Mew United Nations 621
andythecat United Nations 619
aster Italy Life is too short to eat pizza crust.
Sigo2019 Korea, Republic of 611
nompol01 United Nations

Introduction to nompol01

Bad English
Toxic player
Boring man


▲▲▲ Triangle ▲▲▲

Blastman Madagascar :thonk: 604
Fl0wslice United Nations 601
yeahjeets United Nations 594
Doge United Nations 593
SHUN Holy See (Vatican City State) 593
MisoSoup Puerto Rico

not a SOLID player

Mercury United Nations

Mercury’s hot too

Owen2250 Ireland 587
deep United Nations

Taro Baap